Unclaimed Funds Netherlands

Unclaimed Funds Netherlands specializes in tracking down beneficiaries of an unclaimed fund from the Netherlands. We work worldwide.


How could you be entitled to an unclaimed fund from the Netherlands? There are several reasons how this could be the case. If you are from Dutch origine, there may have been funds coming from an inheritance of your Dutch ancestors. Do or did you own a company that traded with a Dutch company that went bankrupt? There may still be some funds in your company’s name.
Did you own shares that have been bought out through a court order in the Netherlands? Your compensation may still be available for you if you can prove formerĀ ownership of the shares. Did you own land in the Netherlands? It may have been expropriated without your permission.

Current Events:
Former Sara Lee shareholders may be entitled to a payment regarding the buy-out of DE Master Blenders. Information can be found at the special DEMB page.

Do you think you are the beneficiary of an unclaimed fund from the Netherlands, please contact us and we will try to help you recover your funds.